Ferizaj Actual Weather
Mostly cloudy
Ndjehet si: 9°C
Lag. Relative: 62%
Drejt. eres: JJP
Shpejt. eres: 20km/h


10 Day Forecast Ferizaj

E Premte

24 Nentor

1°C | 14°C

Mostly cloudy

Mostly cloudy; breezy this afternoon

E Shtune

25 Nentor

-4°C | 3°C

Rain and snow

Colder with rain mixing with, then changing to snow, accumulating 5-10 cm; breezy in the morning

E Diel

26 Nentor

-8°C | 0°C

Intermittent clouds

Cold with times of sun and clouds

E hënë

27 Nentor

-2°C | 2°C

Mostly cloudy

Turning cloudy and chilly

E Martë

28 Nentor

2°C | 5°C


Cloudy with a bit of snow, accumulating a coating to 1 cm

E Mërkurë

29 Nentor

-4°C | 4°C



E Enjte

30 Nentor

-1°C | 4°C

Mostly sunny

Mostly sunny

E Premte

01 Dhjetor

4°C | 7°C

Mostly cloudy

Mostly cloudy

E Shtune

02 Dhjetor

5°C | 10°C


Mostly cloudy; a shower in spots in the morning, then afternoon rain

E Diel

03 Dhjetor

1°C | 10°C


Cloudy; a little rain in the morning followed by a shower in spots in the afternoon


Ferizaj (Albanian: Ferizaji), or Uroševac (Serbian Cyrillic: Урошевац; old name: Ferizović (Феризовић)), is a city and municipality located in the Ferizaj District of Kosovo.[a] According to the 2011 census, the city has 42,628 inhabitants, while the municipality has 108,610 inhabitants.

The city has been populated since the prehistoric era by the Starčevo, Vinča and Baden culture. During the Ottoman period, Ferizaj served as a trading center on the route between Belgrade and Thessaloniki. Ferizaj has always been considered as a city where tolerance and coexistence in terms of religion and culture has been part of the society in the last centuries. In 1999, a base of the United States Army was established in the City. It is the largest and the most expensive foreign military base built by the Americans in South Eastern Europe, since the Vietnam War.[1]

Ferizaj is located in the south-eastern part of Kosovo, about halfway between the cities of Pristina and Skopje, Macedonia. It is some 230 kilometres north-east of Tirana, 55 kilometres north of Skopje, 300 kilometres west of Sofia, 35 kilometres south of Pristina and 300 kilometres east of Podgorica.

Ferizaj is also famous for a geographic phenomenon known as river bifurcation. The Nerodimka river is divided in two branches and they end up on two different seas.

Sqarime per leximin ne menyre sa me te sakte te motit:

Ndjehet si: – (Ndjehet si) eshte nje njesi matese qe pershkruan se si tempretura ndihet me te vertete. Ajo tregon efektet qe kane parametra te tjere te jashtem si era, lageshtia, intensiteti i diellit, rete dhe gjithcka qe ndikon se sa ngrohte dhe ftohte nje person ndien.

Lag. Relative: – Eshte Lageshtia Relative , Me lageshti Relative kuptojme raportin midis Lageshtise Absolute ne vleren me te larte te saj ( e cila varet nga vlera aktuale e temperatures se ajrit). Nje lexim prej 100% Lageshti Relative do te thote qe ajri eshte totalisht i ngopur me uje dhe nuk mban më, gje e cila krijon mundesine per te rene shi. Kjo nuk do te thote qe lageshtia relative duhet te jete gjithmone 100% qe te bjere shi – ajo duhet te jete 100% atje ku formohen rete, por afer tokes mund te jete shume me e ulet.

Shpejt. eres: – Tregon Shpejtesine e Eres dhe ajo shprehet ne (km ne ore)

Drejt. eres: – Tregon Drejtimi nga fryn era, dhe shprehet me drejtimet e meposhtme:

V =>> Veri
J =>> Jug
P =>> Perëndim
L =>> Lindje

JL =>> Jug-Lindje
JP =>> Jug-Perëndim
JJP =>> Jug – Jugperëndim
JJL =>> Jug – Juglindje

VL =>> Veri-Lindje
VP =>> Veri-Perëndim
VVL =>> Veri – Verilindje
VVP =>> Veri – Veriperëndim

LJL =>> Lindje – Juglindje LVL =>> Lindje – Verilindje

PVP =>> Perëndim – Veriperëndim
PJP =>> Perëndim – Jugperëndim

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